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          Ecological Economics and Ecological Civilization International Forum






          Nov 15-16, 2019





          Rm603,School of Economics, Peking University




          On November 15th-16th of 2019 the International Forum “Ecological Economics and Ecological Civilization” will be held at the School of Economics, Peking University.

          Marked by the foundation of the International Society for Ecological Economics (in 1988) and the initial publication of the Ecological Economics journal (in 1989), Ecological Economics has withstood all rain and shine for 30 years. Still a fledgling discipline today, Ecological Economics was born from the introspection on relevant traditional disciplines, and evolved under the threat of multiple global ecological crises. The original spark was tiny, yet after decades of exploration and improvement, the ideas of Ecological Economics have now enkindled the whole globe. This dynamic newly born youngster has great potential for both further theoretical innovation and for practical promotion of the welfare of the entire human race. China was the first country in the world to come up with the idea of developing Ecological Economics as a discipline in the early 1980s, but to ensure the continued prosperity of such a new discipline in China, we need to encourage enthusiastic participation from young researchers, and provide visionary guidance from the elders.

          China is about to celebrate the 70th birthday of the PRC. In the last 70 years, our country has amazed the world with its immense economic and social achievements, and it is now also taking strong measures to achieve ecological and environmental preservation. The government today has placed increasing emphases on sustainable development, both social and economic; has implemented a series of crucial decisions in that direction, viewing progress towards an "Ecological Civilization" as the answer to China’s quest for continued flourishing; and has written the goal of transformation into an “Ecological Civilization” into China’s constitution. This offers an unprecedented opportunity. We plan to rejuvenate the theoretical development of the discipline of Ecological Economics in China, and use it in practice to achieve our vision of the Ecological Civilization.

          As the oldest economic school in China, The PKU School of Economics has always taken the dictum of Zhang Zai as our goal: “For god and for the people – pass down ideas and bring about peace.” We have always played an active part in research and policy-making tightly linked to the nation’s future. At this critical time in our history, we will hold a forum to host the best researchers and experts from around the world under one roof, to share and discuss progress in theoretical developments, system reforms, and substantive methodological and practical achievements, and to envision both a theoretical and practical future for Ecological Economics and Ecological Civilization. We hope to lay out a path for the future of Ecological Economics by integrating theoretical ideas with hard facts and invaluable experience.

          Autumn at Peking University is a lovely time, with the glorious yellow color of the ginkgo tree leaves carpeting your path. It is our great honor to invite the best experts and scholars from around the world. Welcome your participation!



          Call for Papers


          "Ecological Economics, Ecological Economy and Ecological Civilization"    


          Dear Colleagues,

          The International Forum “Ecological Economics and Ecological Civilization” will be held at the School of Economics, Peking University in November 15th-16th 2019. The goals of this forum are to envision a path for the rejuvenation of Ecological Economics, to discuss how to revolutionize the discipline, and to develop insight for creating an “Ecological Civilization”.

          Following the forum, we would like to invite ecological economists and researchers to submit contributions for a collected volume of proceedings in this forum. To summarize the past, evaluate achievements and failures, identify opportunities to be captured and crises to be avoided, and to plan the future Ecological Civilization, the volume attempts to document these revolutionary developments and innovative applications. The best papers in the volume will be identified for special issues in journals: Ecological Economics, The Anthropocene Review, Solutions, Energies or Energy, Ecology and Environment.

          Well-prepared, unpublished papers that address interesting topics involving the Ecological Economics, Ecological Economy and Ecological Civilization are cordially solicited. Acceptable topics for papers include, but are not limited to:

          1) The principles and goals of Ecological Economics;

          2) The transformation of Ecological Civilization and the opportunities and challenges to Ecological Economics;

          3) Comparative study on the development dialectic of Ecological Economics in China and other countries;

          4) Marxism, political economy and Ecological Economics;

          5) Economic growth quality, environmental sustainability, and social welfare;

          6) Global eco-economic practices, including ecosystem service value assessments, biodiversity and ecological security, adaptation to climate change, prevention of atmospheric pollution such as smog, water resources protection and water pollution prevention, energy strategy, rural and urban economies, etc.;

          7) China's unique eco-economic thoughts, institutions as well as practices and their contribution to theoretical innovation of Ecological Economics;

          8) The construction of China's Ecological Civilization: path, achievements, challenges;

          9) China and the world: How to incorporate China into the global sustainability agenda.



          Manuscript Submission Information


          1. Submitted manuscripts should not have been published previously, nor be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Submitted papers should be well formatted and use good English. Research articles, review articles as well as short communications are invited.

          2. Submission should contain: Title, Authors, Institutional Affiliations, and Abstract of the manuscript. Submission can be submitted via email to supy2018@www.yc059.com, before 10 October 2019. The email must bear the subject line “EE Forum Submission”.

          3. All Submissions will be peer-reviewed. 40-50 papers will be accepted and published in volume of forum proceedings. The first author will be invited to attend the “Ecological Economics and Ecological Civilization” International Forum.

          4. Each author will have 15 minutes to report their work on the Forum. After Presentations, 12-25 papers will be recommended continuously to the Special Issue in journals: Ecological Economics, The Anthropocene Review, Solutions, Energies or Energy, Ecology and Environment.

          5. Fees: no registration fees.



          聯系我們(Contact Us): 

          If you have any questions or need any help, please contact:



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